Member Contest for July 2011 - Your Favourite Thing

As you would expect, we are setting monthly challenges for our members and our first challenge, with entries to be reviewed at the July meeting is "Your Favourite Thing".  Make a photograph of someone or something that really matters to you.  No limitations on lighting, lens, finishing, just make the best photo you can.  We will share the entries on the web site and at our meeting.

On the subject of the meeting, until we get a registration system in place, please advise Bryan at if you intend to join us for the July meeting.  The sooner you can let us know, the better,  Henry's is being super gracious in offering us space, but if we are going to be sitting on each other, we will need to find an alternative location.

Keep checking back for instructions on how and where to upload your monthly challenge photographs and for more information and tools for the club.
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