Welcome to the club!


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Hey everyone!

My name is Bryan Weiss.  Welcome to the Newmarket Camera Club!

I run Daytripper Photo, a service out of Newmarket, On. that takes people to local photo destinations and with my staff of skilled instructors, we teach photography while on a day trip.  This service along with my full time job working at Henry's camera, has placed me in an amazing situation.  I have an amazing community of friends, co workers, and professionals in the camera industry that encourage me and nurture my passion for photography.  This constantly helps me try more things and always strive to be a better photographer.

Now, Daytripper Photo is a business. With expenses and fees to pay, I cant run it for free.   This is common sense.  But what if there was no overhead.  What if we can create this environment of encouragement for everyone and I didn't have to charge for it??

Well this, my friends, is the Newmarket Camera Club.

While having a conversation with Ross Chevalier about the idea of a camera club, he suggested we do it and the next day it was done!  It was his idea to keep it free and I think it's brilliant!  This way anyone can come to the meeting, learn some great information about new photographers, tips and techniques, products, and much more including contests and assignments!

So if you're interested in being a part of this community let us know.

email me at bryan@newmarketcameraclub.ca and let me know what you think!
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