Welcome to the Newmarket Camera Club

Welcome to the website for the Newmarket Camera Club. Thank you for visiting.

We're very excited to be here.  Both Bryan and I are looking forward to your patronage and support as we start and grow this local club for photography and video enthusiasts.

We have some very good news to share.  The leadership at Henry's, with the local support of Newmarket store manager Nathan Reeder has agreed to allow us to use their classroom for our monthly meetings.  Our first meeting will be Tuesday the 19th of July beginning at 7pm at the Henry's Newmarket store, and our current plan is to have our regular meetings the third Tuesday of each month.  We are grateful for the support of this local retailer and employer.

Our plan is to keep the club community oriented, hence while Bryan and I will operate it, we will be appreciative of volunteers.  We decided at the outset that there would be no membership fees to be a part of the club.  We appreciate that some clubs do have fees and are not trying to "steal" members.  Frankly, since I will handle most of the administration, I simply don't want to have to deal with treasury, bank accounts, invoicing and all the rest of the administrivia that gets in the way of the point of the club.  Folks have already asked if that membership fee model could change.  Sure.  You could also get hit by a meteor while skydiving into a shark cage.  Let's focus (argghh) on the photography first.

You can reach me at ross@newmarketcameraclub.ca or Bryan at bryan@newmarketcameraclub.ca.  Hope to see you soon.
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