November Meeting Update, December and January challenges, other news

Allow me to thank every member who contributed images to the November challenge of "close".  Beautiful work, inspiring and innovative, a real treat.  It's wonderful how far we've come since our launch last summer.

New Meeting Location in process...

I am very close to completion of the contract that will confirm our new location at the refinished Newmarket Community Center, which will also mean a shift to the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 9pm.  More to come on this subject.  Special thanks to Newmarket councillor Tom Hempen of Hempen Jewellers who got the whole process unstuck for us.

Paper and Printing

Special thanks to Paul Dats of Inkpress Paper who came up from New York to speak with the members on the surprisingly fascinating world of paper and inkjet printing.  Paul was kind enough to leave a print sample kit with Bryan for the store and provided attendees with a trial pack of their incredible Metallic Satin paper.  Look for polls to come that will help us determine if we can run with one of Paul's suggestions.  I spoke with Paul's son Zach today and he gave me information on ICC drivers I had not been able to find so I must say that this company is incredibly responsive.

Standardized Information on Your Challenge Photos

We got a great suggestion from one of our members at the meeting and we liked it so much we started using the ideas at the meeting right then and there.  We don't think it's much to ask of you and it really drew out some of the conversation.  Thanks a ton to Rhonda for the idea!

1.  Please add your core info to the title of the photo you upload, such as camera, lens, ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

2.  In the description field of the photo page, tell us the following;

a) Did you achieve the goal you set for yourself in making the photograph?  What worked great and what would you like to change?

b) How many shots did you take in order to get the image you wanted?

c) Does the photo portray the feeling you hoped to achieve?

Here's an example;

December Photo Challenge

Even though we are not having a meeting in December, there is still a photo challenge to participate in for December.  The theme to work with is "Magic".  Please upload your photos to the Flickr group by the end of December.

January Photo Challenge

We're also setting the challenge for January, so you will have lots to work on until we meet again.  The January theme is "New", so please have your photos uploaded in time for the next meeting, which at time of this post is still in flux as to the date.

Big Prints

While Paul was setting up there was a good discussion on potential services to do really big prints that does not involve crossing an international border.  A number of suggestions were made by members, and while not exhaustive, here are some places to check out;

Ice Photo

Toronto Image Works

44 Wide
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