Apologies for the date confusion - help request

As you all know by know, there was miscommunication (on my part) on the date of the November meeting.  The auto dater was told the third Tuesday of each month, presuming of course that this would be the second last Tuesday of the month.  Well this November has five Tuesdays and I missed that.  Sorry.  So when I was working with our scheduled speaker starting in the summer, I was working around the 22nd all along and never caught that the web calendar did not match up.  I promise to try to prevent this from happening again and if we had not scheduled a speaker to come from out of town, then it would not be a problem.

When Bryan pointed out the discrepancy to me last night, I scrambled to get an emailer built in to the web site and frankly I don't know if it worked so I am asking your patience as I test out various emailers over the next couple of days.  All I ask is that you be understanding, put ross@newmarketcameraclub.ca in your white list so the email doesn't go straight to your junk or spam folder and to hit reply when and if you get a test email from me.

Thanks for your patience and support.


PS, here's a snap of fearless leader Bryan with his hoped for new "small" lens...

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