Three weeks to the next meeting...

pHey gang,/p
pPlease be uploading your photos to the Flickr page for the monthly challenge.  As you know the challenge this month is "close".  I want to thank all the members who post more than one image, it's awesome that you do that.  But we need some help from you to keep the Photo Review on time.  Upload as many shots as you like, but for the one you want reviewed, indicate so in the name or caption by indicating REVIEW in some way.  That way your artistry will be shared with fellow members and it will help Bryan and I maintain a flow during the review section of the meeting./p
pWe've started looking for a new meeting location and have appealed to the Town of Newmarket for help.  It's in the flow, but politics isn't a real fast mover, so please think of any alternates you can where we could meet once a month at no cost to the club.  If any of you have any inroads with school boards, that would be appreciated./p
pMore to come.../p
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