Meeting Summary : October 18, 2011

pThanks to all who pre-registered and came out to our October meeting.  It was certainly a packed room.  And now to summarize some outcomes from the meeting.../p
p1.  If you plan to attend the November meeting with our session on printing and paper, register NOW.  Until we find a new location, we are limited to 20 seats./p
p2.  We need a new location.  Henry's has been very kind to us, but we are running into the attendee count limit for the room imposed by the Fire Department.  Our needs are simple :)  In Newmarket, capable of holding 40-50 people, chairs for attendees, power for projectors etc., a white wall to project on or a screen and no cost.  We really want to keep the club fee free and so no cost is really important.  Email if you have an option./p
p3.  Our session on white and colour balance was well received.  It will be converted into a voiced over video and posted on the site.  The recorded demonstration on profiling your printer will also be posted.  I expect both to be up and done in the next two weeks./p
p4.  We had requests for access to the materials from the September session on protecting your rights to your photos.  I will also post the video on how to make a simple watermark in Photoshop.  Both presentations will be voiced over and posted to the site.  Date presently TBD./p
p5.  A request was made by one member and seconded by most attendees for a session on basic photography theory including why apertures are counted the way they are, what they mean, more detail on the Bryangle ™   (the linkage between aperture, shutter speed and ISO) and related technical history and fun facts.  So I will build that program.  Likely delivery will be February./p
p6.  Better Flash will be the learning topic for January 2012, part of our overall Learning Lighting plan of action.  This is not a substitute or replacement for any Henry's School of Imaging program as it will be short and to the point.  Attendees can be expected to be asked to volunteer as models for the live demonstration./p
p7.  We announced that Rogers Community Television has picked up Daytripper Photo Television and we anticipate episodes airing early in 2012.  A web site and more info is forthcoming./p
p8.  There will be no meeting in December in consideration of the holiday retail period and human availability./p
pI may have missed some things.  If I did and you remember, email and remind me so I can add them to the work list./p
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