Reminder - Club Meeting October 18th

Hey gang!

A quick reminder about this month's meeting happening on the 18th beginning at 6pm.  We are surprisingly and happily over capacity in our meeting room so whether you are attending ( and have successfully pre-registered ) or not, and you know of potential other locations where we can hold meetings without incurring costs to the club, now would be a really great time to tell us.

The challenge this month is "decay" so please upload your entries to the club Flickr group.  We won't have time to be loading off of memory cards.

In addition to our photo review, we will have our news update, the coming photo challenge, an exciting TV announcement, our Q&A section, we will have our special section on colour profiling of displays and printers as well as getting proper colour balance when capturing images.

See you soon.  If you have location suggestions for future meetings, please email me at


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