Hey everyone!  Please see the listed guidance for your monthly challenge submissions.

Submitting Your Entry

  1. You can submit as many photos as you like!  All will be placed in the current album for the challenges and appear in the gallery for that challenge.  Only ONE photo total from each member will be included in the Photo Review / Slideshow  
  2. Save your image as a JPEG of quality Fine or better.  Set the long side of your image to 1440 pixels.  Set your colour space to sRGB.  If you send too large an image it may not make the web or slideshow.  If too small, it will be left alone.
  3. Give your photo a TITLE that explains your intent and how the image fits the theme.  
  4. Include a SHORT explanation of how your photo fits the theme.  Photos without explanation or that do not fit the theme may be left out.
  5. Email the image(s) as attachments to ross@newmarketcameraclub.ca.  Don't use links to Flickr, Microsoft OneDrive, GoogleDrive or other hosting services.  I will not download the images so they will not show up in the review or gallery
  6. Submit as often as you like but understand that the last day to email images for a challenge entry and for the photo review is the SATURDAY night at 6pm BEFORE our meeting the following Tuesday evening.
  7. Please advise if you will attend the meeting.

About Your Submissions

All photographs submitted remain your property however by submitting, you grant the Newmarket Camera Club the right to post your submission to our website for public viewing, and to potentially use it in club mailings.  Reasonable protection against right click downloads is provided, but we cannot and will not guarantee that your image will not be copied.  The use of watermarks or artist branding is entirely your decision.

We will select one entry from each submitting for discussion in the photo review section of the meeting.  

Some General Notes

  1. The resizing for club challenge process has NOTHING to do with the cropping you choose for artistic effect.  Most every image will benefit from some cropping so feel free to crop.  The resize for submission has nothing to do with this.
  2. If you choose a crop that produces a square image that means that there will only be one size dimension, and that's perfectly fine, the goal is that the longest side is 1440 pixels.
  3. The reason I ask for 1440 pixels on the long side is for ease of transmission (smaller files for email and to go into the presentation) and to show up great on the screen and the web but not be of sufficient quality that if your work is stolen it could be used for commercial use.  This is also the recommended sizing from the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.  Nothing prevents you from posting full res images on your own page, just don't send them to me please, they fill my inbox and make the presentation unwieldy and so I won't use them.  
  4. Please don't send images smaller than 1440 pixels on the long side though.  They look soft and unsharp when projected and I will not be resizing them.


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