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Mastering Hotshoe TTL Flash Outdoors Workshop

Using flash should be simple and easy. Using flash outdoors for fill in work or as the dominant source is also very simple, once you know the secrets. Join us for this workshop and learn these proven pro methods. We will work with the flash mounted on camera to keep things simple and work with each other and our surroundings to make better lit images.

Attendees will need a camera and a hotshoe mountable TTL flash compatible with their camera. The flash must have a bounce and swivel head.


Gary Gosee

Joanne McEwan

Dennis Herdman

Steven Marischuk

Sheila Burgess

Gordon VanSpall

Jenny Cockram

Maureen Smith - PAID

Roger Severn

Terry Short

Kent Kaufman

Anna Borenstein

Kathy MacFarlane

Doug Selwood

Michele Potter

Jeff Ibbotson

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