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Workshop - Lightroom 101

February 28, 2016 - 9AM to NOON - Newmarket Community Centre Hall #2

Lightroom is potentially the most popular entry for post processing today but it can be overwhelming to the new user.  In Lightroom 101 we get you started with a tour of Lightroom's capabilities in demonstration form then a deep dive into using the Library module to learn how to manage your images efficiently and successfully.

Topics Covered

  • The Lightroom World Tour
  • The Library Module
  • Functions of the library module
  • What is a Catalog?
  • Why do I need a catalog?
  • Importing images
    • Where do I import from?
    • Keeping copies?
    • Import presets
    • Using Collections from the very start
  • Folder structures
  • Renaming folders
  • Moving images between folders
  • Moving folders to different storage media
  • Finding missing images
  • Using Keywords
  • All about metadata - how to leverage it and how to make it better
  • Rating and Culling Your Imports
  • Creating your own Copyright import preset
  • Using Import Presets

This is a hands-on workshop.   Attendees will need to bring a laptop with Lightroom CC installed and active.  Attendees will be provided access to a shared folder prior to the workshop with demo images in it that will need to be placed on the computer desktop for use in the class.

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